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Paperchain of Kindness Activity

Paperchain of Kindness Activity

This World Kindness Day, focus on kindness and make your very own paperchain of kindness. 

Using the attached PDF, take the time to think about the role that kindness plays in our lives.

Encourage children to write or draw about:

  1. A time that someone was kind to them.
  2. How it makes them feel when someone is kind to them. 
  3. One kind thing they can do for someone else. 

And remember, this activity isn't just limited to World Kindness Day - every day can be a day full of kindness and compassion. 

You can also watch an introductory video and a reading of the first few pages of Superheroes Always Fight Back... Or Do They? on my YouTube channel.

Please feel free to share any of your paperchain photos with me via my website or on social media:

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Instagram: @katethompsonwrites

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