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Superheroes Always Fight Back... Or Do They?

Superheroes Always Fight Back... Or Do They (UK Cover)

Illustrated by Clare Elsom.

Publishing on 5 Jan 2023.


Arthur dreams of being a mega-fast and strong superhero with the ability to fight and banish the baddie next door. But when Grandpa explains that the best superheroes actually save the day by being kind, Arthur realises that we all have a superpower inside and that an act of kindness, no matter how small, really can change the world.

Using lively rhyming text and a fun cast of characters, Superheroes Always Fight Back ...Or Do They? highlights how kindness truly is the most amazing superpower of all.

A picture book masterpiece! Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written, it's a message every family and every child will be able to relate to, delivered through plenty of action and with a fun cast of characters ... This dynamic, accessible and empowering story is truly impressive. It will show little readers that kindness is the most amazing superpower and it's all you need to save the day... and change the world!

Clare Helen Welsh, Children's Author and Founder of Books That Help

Wham pow! A great book for helping your little superhero manage friendships!

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, Bestselling Children's Author

Super bright, super joyful, super message.

Lu Fraser, Award-Winning, Bestselling Author of The Littlest Yak

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